Nanny agency in south Florida that is pretty amazing

There are a few agencies in South Florida that do good work. The rest of them you should steer clear of like yesterday’s turdy diaper.  Since I live in South Florida now and have a lot of free time in my golden age of retirement, I thought I’d do a little investigating. Here’s the agency I would pick to help me find a nanny for my granddaughter. Drumroll please….

#1 – My Kensington Nanny & Home Services

They have been around for about 12 years in Florida. The owner is really particular about who she refers. They charge a service deposit to keep out all the riff-raff parents that aren’t serious about finding a nanny. (I personally agree with that). I couldn’t believe their fees were so low. But they still offer payment options. The reason why I chose My Kensington Nanny agency as my personal preference is because they are crazy serious about screening their nannies.

They won’t even talk to a nanny unless she passes a skills test. And I don’t mean squeak one out, I mean they have to get a “B”or higher on their test. I’ve never heard, I mean never ever, heard of an agency that does that. It makes sense though…

If the nanny is lucky enough to pass that test (and I heard it was not easy) then they have to go into a scored interview. They call it “The Interview Procedure” as if it was some surgical procedure I’d expect to receive a bill from my Insurance company two weeks later. This “Procedure” rates candidate answers in several different sections – like interpersonal skills, etc. Apparently, if a candidate doesn’t earn at least a 3 out of 5 score then they can’t proceed to the next step in the nanny registration process.

They mean shizznizzle, bizznizzwax (according to my granddaughter).

But wait, there’s more…

As if this wasn’t enough for these poor, brilliant nannies, they then have to get Professionally Nanny Certified. This is a certification course that was created for Kensington Nanny in Jacksonville Florida back on ’05 I think, I remember this because when Angela von Dietrich had this certification created, I knew a couple of professional career nannies that worked with her. Kensington is the only agency in the nation that I know if that actually trains the nannies, well, nanny etiquette. Good stuff.


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