Okay this is progress. Here’s a recent survey republished by a local nanny agency in Ft. Lauderdale, FL about babysitting spending.


National Average Rate for Babysitters: $13.44 per hour (up 28% from 2009, which was $10.50).
Tipping: 1 in 4 (26%) tip on top of the hourly rate.
Annual Raises: 87% would give their sitter a raise.
How Families Decide What to Pay: The majority of parents (68%) rely on sitters to set the rate and pay what they charge; 40% ask their friends; and 20% use a pay rate calculator.
–   What Families Think About How Much They Pay: 25% say they pay too much.
–   Who Families Are Willing to Pay More: Half (51%) would pay older sitters more because of their experience; 38% would be willing to pay older sitters $5 more per hour. Plus, 1 in 10 would pay an extra $5 per hour for last-minute sitters.
–   Five Most Expensive Cities to Hire a Babysitter (per hour):

  1. San Francisco, CA: $16.65
  2. San Jose, CA: $15.63
  3. Boston, MA: $15.37
  4. New York, NY: $15.09
  5. Washington, DC: $14.99

–   Five Least Expensive Cities to Hire a Babysitter (per hour):

  1. Grand Rapids, MI: $11.31
  2. Columbia, SC: $11.72
  3. Rochester, NY: $11.79
  4. Salt Lake City, UT: $11.82
  5. Akron, OH: $11.84

–   Top Two Reasons Families Don’t Hire a Babysitter: It costs too much (57%) and it’s too stressful to find someone they like (51%).
–   How Families Save on Babysitters: A majority (61%) would share a sitter with a friend and 18% would hire a sitter with less experience. In addition, nearly half (46%) have cut a date short to avoid paying an extra hour, and 1 in 5 (20%) pay a lower rate when their kids are sleeping.


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